Welcome to Woofy's World!

Hi...my name is Woofy and I would like to welcome you to Woofy’s World!

I am an adventurous dog who enjoys travel and exploration. I love to incorporate amazing adventures and fascinating places, people and animals into unique coloring and puzzle pages with a dash of magic, mystery or mayhem.

At Woofy’s World, we have a range of coloring pages and puzzles that can invoke your imagination, challenge your brain or help you to relax. Curl up in a chair and enjoy an afternoon break with a coloring page or have family puzzle fun, whatever mood you are in, we have something for you to enjoy.

Woofy Junior is for the kids and is designed to incite imagination and inspiration. Use the puzzles and coloring to keep the kids busy for hours or create lasting memories when you complete them together. Frame the completed pages as a wonderful keepsake that the kids can be proud of and you can enjoy for years to come.

Woofy’s World is easy to navigate as all of the products have been themed into worlds, from unicorns and witches in Mystical Land to mermaids and pirates in Aquatic World. You can also search by puzzle type so you can access what you want, when you want as easy as possible.

If you enjoy puzzles and coloring, I have introduced the exclusive Woofy VIP Club especially for you. As a VIP, you will gain access to every puzzle, coloring and book on the site and VIP only exclusives and save more than 85%. Yes, that’s right, more than 85% and you also unlock the hidden VIP only menu. Unique, wonderful puzzles and coloring when you want, any day, anytime at a fraction of the cost of buying pages from anywhere else. Sounds great, right, check out all of the benefits here

Be the envy of everyone at puzzle night or have unique colored wall art with the wonderful coloring and puzzles that can only be accessed here at the Woofy’s World site or Etsy store.

I hope you enjoy my puzzles and coloring as much as I have enjoyed designing them for you.

Woofy xxx

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