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Woofy has wandered

He could be far or near

In a sci-fi adventure

Or walking at the pier

A variety of puzzles

And lots of coloring too

Themed worlds of fun

Ready for you

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A world of imagination & fun including unicorns, dragons, witches & warlocks

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enter Mystical land

A sci-fi themed

world that 

includes aliens, spaceships & robots

Nature themed coloring & puzzles... gardens, animals, landscapes and more

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Mermaids, pirates and aquatic animals all play in Aquatic World

Aquatic World
Swim this way...
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Once Upon a Time.....

Enjoy puzzles & coloring based on fairytales that you know & love

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Unlock your inner explorer with this Travel & Adventure theme

Global Explorer
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Woofy Studios

Movie & TV inspired 

coloring & puzzles

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puzzle, game, coloring, exclusives 

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Woofy Junior

Free coloring

& puzzles designed especially for

the kids

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Animal Charity Books

10 pages of themed fun in every book!

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Help Woofy save endangered animals around the world.

25% of all proceeds go to charity

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